Bao Yugang Chair Professor is sponsored by Zhejiang University Bao Yugang International Fund. This position is open for competent scholars from renowned foreign universities or research institutions. In this round of recruitment, three candidates stand out, one of whom is professor Leendert van der Torre from the University of Luxembourg, recommended by the School of Philosophy of Zhejiang University. He majors in logic, and shares close academic partnership with Professor Liao Beishui from the School of Philosophy, Zhejiang University.

Prof. Leendert van der Torre, born in the Netherlands in March 1968, is currently professor and doctoral supervisor at the University of Luxembourg, serving as head of the University of Luxembourg's Individual and Collective Reasoning Research Team and the Robotics Laboratory of the Luxembourg University. In the meanwhile, he is also the president of the International Association for Computational Logic, chairman of the Steering Committee of the International Deontic Logic and Specification System, EurAI fellow of the European Federation for Artificial Intelligence, principal investigator of the EU Horizon 2020 Project, associate editor of Journal of Logic and Computation (Oxford University Press) , editor of Logic Journal of the IGPL, Journal of Applied Logic, chief editor of Handbook for deontic logic, normative system and normative multi-agent system.

The cooperation between research teams led by Prof. Leendert van der Torre and Prof. Liao Beishui started in 2012. Over the years, fruitful results have been achieved in research, education and international academic services. In 2021, the Zhejiang University-University of Luxembourg Joint Lab on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Reasoning (ZLAIRE) was inaugurated, with Prof. Liao Bishui nominated as the Chinese director and Prof. Leendert van der Torre as the foreign director.

The position of Bao Yugang Chair Professor is not merely an honored title, but more importantly, with the contribution of Prof. Leendert van der Torre’s team, it will play a positive role in the development of the Zhejiang University-University of Luxembourg Joint Lab on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Reasoning, implementation of Double First-Class Initiative in Zhejiang University characterized by multidisciplinary integration, and expansion of global influence of Zhejiang University’s logic and other related disciplines.


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