International Master Class in Phenomenology with Dan Zahavi


To further enhance students’ ability of academic research and communication, we hold the International Master Class in Phenomenology this summer. The Master class was organized jointly by the School of Philosophy at ZJU, and the Center for Subjectivity Research at the University of Copenhagen, from July 1st to July 19th.


Prof. Dan Zahavi, the director of the Center for Subjectivity Research, as well as a world-renowned scholar in phenomenology and Husserl studies, was invited to give eight talks on Husserl’s phenomenology. During the course, Prof. Zahavi discussed several important topics such as perception, embodiment, selfhood, empathy, and the lifeworld. This summer school is also available for students and faculty members outside ZJU. Over 50 participants attended this summer school. These students come from UCL, the University of British Columbia, Sun Yat-sen University, and other institutions.

To encourage in-depth studies in Husserl’s phenomenology, we hold a workshop after the talk. For these students who intend to participate in this workshop, they are required to report on the selection of topics on Aug 17th and then submit an essay in English. Among the over ten submitted drafts, five essays were chosen and presented in the workshop on Sep 19th where Prof. Zahavi attended and gave comments.